Quantity Theory

I’ve been living in a prison of perfection. My creative pursuits have all but stopped because I don’t want to hit “publish” on work because it is not good enough. A few times I even publish and then deleted because I did not feel it was good enough.

This can not go on.

In order to work my way out of this funk I am working on a theory of quantity over quality. Basically my goal beginning September 1, 2020 is to publish every day no matter what.

My main focus will be on YouTube videos but this theory also includes many other digital channels.

Quantity Theory is based on the idea of creating a lot of work with out focusing on the quality of the work. The most important thing is hitting publish every single day.

Quality is the ultimate goal of course but quantity is needed in order to generate a feedback loop, build new habits, and provide structure to my schedule.

This is not a new idea and you can find examples out there of people advocating for it but I feel a majority of advice a creative person will be given is that quality is better than quantity. Which is true of course but in order to create quality one needs a lot of practice through quantity of actions.

I am still working on developing an outline of what this will look like that will include how often I publish where.

I wanted to publish this post as the beginning of this experiment. A place to look back on and know when I started this crazy idea.