What Would Happen If

viking ship museum oslo-norway

What would happen if I published a blog post every single day?

I have not regularly published a blog in a long time but it is something I’d like to get back into the habit of. Really what I’d like to get into the habit of is publishing content, any content, on a regular basis. I’d like to do that because I am discovering a bit of regret from not properly documenting the recent years of my life.

In 2013 my wife Joyce and I traveled for over 14 months. In that time we visited 23 countries in North America, Central America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, plus we went to 23 states in the US on a road trip after our return to the homeland. In recent weeks we’ve both been focused on writing a book about the trip but we are finding gaps in our notes, blogs posts, and photos of the trip. Our memory is not helping much with those gaps.

Another reason to publish everyday is for the experience of creating everyday. For some reason I did not make many things in 2015. It was an unproductive year for me which I regret. But rather than dwell on what was I believe it is better to focus on today and creating today.

Create more.

Consume less.

Connect more.

Conceal less.

If I were one to do mantras that might be my mantra for 2016.

Publishing everyday is scary. What will I say? What will I make? Will it be any good? Will anyone care?

I know from experience the more I create the more I find my voice. The more I create the more I want to create. The more I create the better each creation gets. The more I create the less I care what others say.

Today I set out on this journey of not just creating everyday but of publishing everyday. I look forward to looking back on this day and seeing where this journey has taken me.


Sheep On The Road In South Africa

Driving in South Africa was one of the more interesting experiences of my year of travel. The land is as diverse as the people that live there.

My wife and I spent about two weeks driving from Richard’s Bay to Cape Town. We drove on everything from super modern highways to back road full of potholes. One particular long day of driving we were rewarded with the experience of being engulfed with sheep on the road.