Sheep On The Road In South Africa

Driving in South Africa was one of the more interesting experiences of my year of travel. The land is as diverse as the people that live there.

My wife and I spent about two weeks driving from Richard’s Bay to Cape Town. We drove on everything from super modern highways to back road full of potholes. One particular long day of driving we were rewarded with the experience of being engulfed with sheep on the road.

On The Road Again


I’ve taken a break from packing in order to write a quick update on our trip. Tomorrow morning we hop on a bus that will take us to Edinburgh Scotland to once again put us on the road for spell.

We’ll spend about two weeks in Scotland getting about as far north as possible which should be interesting this time of year. Then we work our way back down ending up in Paris. Beyond that we do not have plans at this point.

The month in London has been great and I am a bit bummed to be leaving. We really covered a lot of ground and also got to experience what life is like as a Londoner.

If I had to pick a favorite it would be Westminster Abbey because it was much more than I expected. And we were able to take communion during our visit which was almost surreal because the chapel we did it in was filled with the tombs of England’s kings.

The downside of London is that it is a bit too familar. Being here lacks the adventure of traveling to a foriegn land. And for that reason I am already starting to look forward to countries outside of Europe.

How are you? Have any trip planned?